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Inline Gigabit Ethernet Processor for Packet Capture and Injection.

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  • Small form factor 90mm x 180mm
  • Below 10W power consumption
  • Unobtrusive full duplex 1Gb/s in-line operation
  • Transparent traffic path-through
  • Support for injection mode of operation
  • x4 1GB/s Ethernet ports (x2 RJ-45, x2 SFP)
  • Fail-Safe support on copper wire
  • Full PoE+ bridging support on copper wire
  • Intel Quad-Core 14nm lithography processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Up to 64GB of local flash storage
  • Up to 2TB of high-speed SATA III data storage
  • Video and Serial terminal interfaces
  • Super-Speed USB 3.0 interface
  • WiFi/BT/LTE/4G/3G/EDGE/HSPA and proprietary wireless support
  • SIM card and microSD card slots

The Story Behind WireCuda

Design concept was inspired by Alva Lease 'Skip' Duckwall and his talk at DESCON 19 "A Bridge Too Far" where he presented a concept of defeating wired 802.1X with a Transparent Bridge using Linux. So why not implement the same and even better idea on a hardware level? What started as a security gadget project for pentesting turned into one of a kind appliance that implements a very sophisticated inline packet capture and injection engine.

Here goes a formal sales pitch:

IT Security professionals, service providers and application developers need easy access to versatile and flexible tools. There are few high powered packet capture and injection tools that allow easy inline installation with multiple access and data retention options - one small device that works on both wired and optical gigabit networks. ALFTEL brings you a solution.

Wirecuda is easy configurable and can rapidly switch functions to create your customized platform:

  • Full rate Gigabit Ethernet capture
  • Full speed Gigabit Ethernet injection
  • Data retention with flexible options
  • Traffic monitoring over copper, fiber, or wireless
  • Smart media conversion
  • Filtering Network TAP
  • Protocol data logger
  • Metadata exporter and analyzer
  • IP traffic generator and QoS measurement
  • Inline penetration testing appliance
  • And much more...

Wirecuda implements pass-through functionality that simulates a network TAP while remaining fully transparent to security monitoring tools (aka "wire in a middle").

Wirecuda is completely fail-safe on copper cabling, passing the full unaltered data stream on software or power failure.

Wirecuda supports safe PoE+ bridging on copper cabling. PoE+ injection mode for high-power applications is supported with an external power source.

Wirecuda supports optional high-speed storage (up to 2TB) for data retention and multiple wireless interfaces for access, monitoring and control applivcations.

Wirecuda is compatible with any x86 compliant OS (Linux, BSD, Windows etc.)


  • Design in progress
  • Planned release in Fall 2019
  • Will be launched through Crowdsourcing campaign

Documentation & Support

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WireCuda Gallery

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