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Products Overview

Our Value

ALFTEL Systems uses its broad technology knowledge and security field experience to transform IT security ideas into functional prototypes and field-ready products. Our new product concepts have been developed through industry and security community needs analyses with consideration for current technological and implementation challenges. Our expertise comes from years of hands on experience and active participation in relevant areas including security conferences, workshops, forums, user groups, professional association chapters and respected and influential individuals. ALFTEL Systems has the ability and connections to identify industry trends and to develop leading edge products. By drawing on our experience and the expertise available in the IT security community, we can further enrich the community through our efforts.

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Our Products

  • AirBud - Ultimate Wireless Monitoring and Pentesting Platform
  • WireCuda - Multi-Function Wireline Security Appliance
  • Airbud-PCIe - PCIe Radio Card Carrier Board
  • Airbud-RTL - USB RTL8812AU Radio Carrier Board
  • Airbud-MTK - USB MT7612U Radio Carrier Board
  • AMP-RX82 - Active RF Splitter for WiFi/BT
  • LP-2458 - Directional High-Gain Antenna for WiFi/BT

Our Expertise

  • Wireless, Wireline and Optical Security Appliances and Sensors
  • Software Defined Radio and Spectrum Analysis
  • DSP and FPGA Based High-Performance Processing Engines