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ALFTEL Systems is a full service IT Security company blending innovative technologies with a full range of supporting services to create complete, customizable solutions for clients ranging from small businesses and individuals to international enterprises and government agencies. We understand security needs can be different depending on the nature of business, field of application and legal requirements. Our services are adaptable to any situation and address every facet of the security puzzle - whether it’s for hardware development, software design, consulting or training. ALFTEL's concentration of expertise and services gives us the advantage of being extremely cost effective and efficient.

If you do not see the service you are interested in listed below, please contact us and we will see if we can help you or refer you to one of our partners.

Our Services

Our Expertise

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Engineering
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security
  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Incident Management and Response
  • IT Systems Auditing
  • IT Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • IT Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support
  • Risk Identification, Assessment, Evaluation, Monitoring and Response
  • Access Control Systems and Methodology
  • Cryptography
  • Security Architecture Analysis
  • Physical Security
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Full Project Management Planning and Execution
  • Process Improvement Analysis and Recommendations