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Hands on with AirBud-X9 and Kismet Wireless at SHARKFEST 2017

Mike Kershaw, the developer of Kismet Wireless, has worked hard to update Kismet so it takes full advantage of AirBud's multi-radio configuration to create an extraordinary wireless monitoring hardware/software combination. Mike will bring two variants of AirBud-X9 to Sharkfest and will be available to demonstrate and talk about wireless monitoring with AirBud and Kismet.

Development of our AirBud-X9 was greatly enhanced by close cooperation with Mike Kershaw at Kismet Wireless. Mike's input and assistance have been invaluable in bringing to market a professional grade security appliance that runs Kismet Wireless on a multi-radio monitoring platform. Check out his blog HERE. For further information on the new AirBud-X9, check it out on our web site.

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